Don’t just take our word for it, see what our existing customers think:

“Me & my dog really enjoyed our first mantrailing experience. It was lots of fun thank you. Becky was knowledgeable & enthusiastic! Really enjoyed watching my dog work out the aim of the game, will be mantrailing again for sure.”  Sarah and Apollo

“Tamriel and I had a fantastic time! So glad we booked on and I know we’ll be coming again!” Emily and Tamriel

“Me & Fred love pettrailing. He can be anxious so I love that it’s an inclusive sport, he really shines when he trails and it’s really improved his confidence.” Caroline and Fred

“Love pet trailing with Barney he enjoys every minute of it, so do I. It’s a fantastic way to exercise your dog as it is not just physical exercise it’s mentally stimulating as well. Putting all your trust in your dog makes your bond with them even stronger. Our trainer Bex is brilliant and gives you loads of confidence as she tailors each trail to the experience of each team, so why not give it a go. You will have so much fun.” Dot and Barney

“Absolutely love pet trailing with my boys, just amazing how much the dogs love it, doing something they find so stimulating, in the past I have done various training with my dogs but can honestly say this is by far the most rewarding thing I have done with them, working as a team, learning to read your dogs body language and learning to put your full trust in them makes your bond with them even stronger. Our trainer Bex is amazing, her patience is second to none and every session is interesting and what a laugh we have. If you haven’t tried it with your dog I strongly suggest you give it a try.” Denise, Doug and Ralph

“I have been trailing with Harley for almost 12 months now and we are both addicted!! As a dog who found being around other dogs unbearable, Harley is now able not only to search for other dogs but can carry on trailing when other dogs are in the vicinity!! Our bond has grown even deeper and I love how we both equally enjoy our sessions. Becky is a first class trainer who is encouraging, warm and supportive and jolly good fun. The group we trail with are an equally addicted and supportive bunch!! Harley and I love trailing so much we are working towards becoming a professional pettrailer team ? but there’s no pressure to do that. All sessions are fun and tailored to you and your dog. We love it and I’d encourage anyone who is interested to take the plunge and have a go!!” Cathy and Harley

“Pet trailing is fantastic for dogs that love to have a job to do and especially for those that can find the world a bit over-stimulating! Watching them do it and learning how it all works is absolutely fascinating. You’ll be amazed by what your dog can do without any guidance! Bex makes you feel at ease and caters for any worries you may have along the way. Highly recommend trying this.” Rachel and Tanna

“PetTrailing is so much fun for dogs and their people! Also proves that old dogs can learn new tricks….. even my 14-year-old collie lovely Moss enjoys a trail. Becky is so kind and patient and tailors each session so that each team achieves fun and success. Be careful ….. it’s addictive!!!” Zoe, Teg and Moss

“Why didn’t I know about this before?! Mali has been doing pet trailing since she was six months old and absolutely loves it. It is definitely her favourite thing to do. The mental stimulation is like doing a massive walk for her and seeing her so happy is a great feeling.” Neil and Mali

(Source: PetTrailer UK Facebook page)