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Join us for Pettrailing and Mantrailing 🙂

We offer a recreational activity for all dog owners who want to provide their canine companions with a mentally stimulating challenge which utilises their natural instincts.

We educate you and your dog to become PETTRAILERs in a fun and professional way – just ask!

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18 June 2019

Chester Pettrailing #LIMITED#

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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18 June 2019
19 June 2019

Wigan Pettrailing #SOLD OUT#

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Outlaw Farm Trail

The call went out and the search was on! Calling all Pettrailers – we need your help to track down escaped outlaws: ‘The Fringe’ and ‘The Duck-bill Twins’. We need two posses to gather and search what we believe to be the last area where these notorious robbers were seen. Do you and your dog […]

Training Venues

Our list of training venues is ever expanding! Very exciting for our first few months 🙂 We are currently offering training in: Burnley – Penarth – Bolton – Great Harwood – Cowbridge – Shrewsbury – Rochdale – Cardiff – Southport – Barry – Bury – Bridgend – Warrington – Bristol – Anglesey – Nuneaton – […]

Scent article – what is it?

The most important thing to find an escaped animal with specially trained search dogs is the individual scent of the missing animal. If one has to ‘generate’ this only when the animal is already gone, experience has shown that it is very difficult. Because no matter where you try to find hair, saliva, or maybe […]

PetTrailer UK

Hi, I’m Becky and I’m the owner and a trainer at PetTrailer UK.

I was first introduced to pettrailing and mantrailing in Austria and fell in love with it immediately! I was amazed by the skill, enthusiasm and team work of everyone involved – especially the dogs 😉

The sense of accomplishment when the handler-dog team find the missing runner is electric – whether you are the handler or a spectator the feeling is contagious!

After my first trail I was addicted, since then I have been training with Pettrailer in Austria to become a qualified Petrailer Trainer and have set up PetTrailer UK to give others the opportunity to start pettrailing!

Wörthersee Trail 55km


The International Pettrailer Event 2017: Wörthersee Trail 55KM

Aim – find the runaway dog! 55km trail + 55hr old trail + 55 teams

A fantastic event held by Pettrailer Austria in Autumn 2017. A trail was laid over the course of 2 days around stunning Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia. 55 teams took up the challenge of trailing approx. 1km each to trace the paw prints of the runaway dog.

Starting before dawn; ascending to heights of 600m; travelling through forests,  over dams, along roads and under railway tracks; Successfully completed after dusk!!

The runaway dog was found 🙂

Photo courtesy of

Reuniting Lost Pets


Pettrailer Austria was the first charity set up in Europe to find lost animals by means of pettrailing. Since it was founded by Markus Burkhardt, the teams of Professionally Trained Pettrailers is growing and the success stories of lost animals reunited with their human families is expanding!

There is no obligation for those who train with Pettrailer to become a professional search team with their dogs, it is simply an opportunity for those who would like to. Extensive training and dedication is required, for those who succeed the rewards are exceptional!

PetTrailer UK Trainer Becky and trainee pettrailer dog Mabel are currently training to become Professional Pettrailers – we will keep you updated!

Scent Article

Pettrailing Explained

Wörthersee Trail Lineup

Hot Dog challenge

Most dogs love to use their nose. They can follow their natural instincts whilst keeping mentally busy. Saying that, not every dog who is happiest using their nose should immediately become a rescue dog.

Thus, trailing offers a recreational activity for all dog owners who want to provide their canine companions with a mentally stimulating challenge which utilises their natural instincts.

Age, breed or disability play no role in this type of occupation for your dog. For example, insecure dogs can be helped with trailing as it gives them a problem to solve on their own and thus reduces their insecurities. Especially active hunting and herding dogs, trailing offers the ideal brain teaser task.

We will help you and your dog to bond as a team and show you your individual path to harmonious cooperation.