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The 1. Animal Search Association Pettrailer, Austria was the first charity set up in Europe to find lost animals by means of pettrailing. Since it was founded by Markus Burkhardt, with the teams of Professionally Trained Pettrailers constantly growing. The success stories of lost animals reunited with their human families is expanding!

There is no obligation for those who train with PetTrailer UK to become a professional search team with their dogs. These regulations allow those who want to the opportunity. Extensive training and dedication is required and for those who succeed the rewards are remarkable!

An important milestone was reached when the latest version of the Examination Regulations PETTRAILER were finalised. Pettrailer didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, the challenge was to optimise and harmonise the details of existing examination regulations on the market.

The examination regulations allow equivalent qualifications gained by ‘external’ teams to be recognised. Those completing the Basic level examinations have a free repeat examination if required.

PetTrailer UK is the only UK provider of the PETTRAILER established training scheme and assessments to become Professional Search Team for lost animals.


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