Professional Pettrailer

The 1. Animal Search Association Pettrailer, Austria was the first charity set up in Europe to find lost animals by means of pettrailing. Since it was founded by Markus Burkhardt, the teams of Professionally Trained Pettrailers is growing and the success stories of lost animals reunited with their human families is expanding!

There is no obligation for those who train with Pettrailer UK to become a professional search team with their dogs, it is simply an opportunity for those who would like to. Extensive training and dedication is required, for those who succeed the rewards are outstanding!

An important milestone was reached in 2018 when the latest version of the Examination Regulations PETTRAILER were finalised. The new regulations allow for an optimisation and harmonisation of pre-existing auditing regulations including allowing other trainers in the field of pettrailing and mantrailing to have their existing qualifications from different organisations recognised.

The PETTRAILER Association will be the only certified organisation in Austria to examine our teams on the basis of the ‘Mantrailing Company’ examination regulations. PetTrailer UK will provide training and examinations in accordance with these examination regulations.