Charity Trail Day 2021 in aid of Pancreatic Cancer UK


4th Annual Charity Trail Day 2021 - in aid of Pancreatic Cancer UK Did you know: 'Survival for pancreatic cancer has barely improved in the last 45 years. Pancreatic cancer is often diagnosed late because symptoms are vague, and may not appear until the disease is at an advanced stage. People often have to go back to their doctor with symptoms several times before they are referred for tests, which means they experience unnecessary delays in diagnosis and have to wait too long for treatment to start.' (Why pancreatic cancer is the toughest cancer) Pancreatic Cancer Pancreatic cancer, even with symptoms is hard to diagnose [...]

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The Big Reveal


It’s here!! We are immensely proud to reveal our new Pettrailer UK website! We have been working extremely hard over the past few weeks at Pettrailer UK HQ to update our website, making it more user friendly and accessible. Some of our new features include: Training sessions and special events Plan your training with us around your requirements. You can now search for training sessions, events and workshops near you by selecting your region or a specific trainer. This is in addition to our existing interactive map allowing you to zoom into your part of the country and our key [...]

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New Venue: Stoke-on-Trent


Did you know you can now train with us in Stoke=on-Trent? These guys do! Introducing 3 beautiful ladies Bridget, Holly & Scout and our very own irresistible velvet hippo aka the handsome Bugsy ALL AGES & BREEDS WELCOME!! About the author Originally from the Northwest of England, Becky now lives in South Wales. Having had a successful career as a Geologist, Becky found herself at a crossroads between career or finally making her dreams come true. She decided it was time to make her dreams a reality and embarked on the most incredible [...]

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Happy Dogs


The ABCs of Trailing: D is for DOG! 'Happy Dogs Trail' An activity that is truly all inclusive: any dog can train with us - big, small, young, old, disabled, nervous, anxious or reactive  

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Your Lockdown Heroes!


Regional Local Lockdown Heroes: WINNERS!! So many inspirational and special reasons for each and everyone of our nominees to win. Very glad it was a random draw for the winners! Your Regional Lockdown Heroes are... SOUTHWEST: Bella & Ursula (nominated by Natasha) WALES: Dora (nominated by Alex) NORTHWEST: Suzanne Morris (nominated by Denise) Congratulations to each of you, we will be in touch about your prize! Thank you to those who participated and shared the event and of course a special thank you to everyone who has taken the time to be a Local Lockdown Hero to someone in the last [...]

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We’re Back!


Today is a big day - we are trailing again!! Tickets are now available. SOUTH WALES from 7th July SOUTHWEST ENGLAND from 19th July NORTHWEST ENGLAND from 21st July MIDLANDS from 28th July NORTH WALES **coming soon** Further details and to book your next session with us, please visit our training and events pages.

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Stay Calm & Keep Trailing


The ABCs of Trailing: C is for CALM One of the best things you can do to help your dog whilst trailing is to stay calm. If you panic or start to have doubts, your dog will pick up on it. Conversely if you're relaxed and trusting, your canine partner will have nothing else to worry about other than concentrating on the job at hand.

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How to be closer to your dog


The ABCs of Trailing: B is for BOND The irreplaceable bond strengthened through teamwork and mutual trust. Trailing is all about building a partnership and working together with your dog. You will learn to trust not just your own instincts but your dog's as well - you will be amazed being part of something that comes naturally to every dog in the world, bringing you both closer than you've ever felt before.

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Local Lockdown Hero Nominations


Say THANK YOU to your LOCAL LOCKDOWN HERO by nominating them for 1 of 3 free training sessions with PetTrailer UK. To register your hero all you need to do is: Like our Facebook page; Share our 'Who's your LOCAL LOCKDOWN HERO?' post; and Tag your nominated hero and their region* *Our current training regions are in SOUTH WALES; NORTHWEST ENGLAND & the MIDLANDS; and in SOUTHWEST ENGLAND. Your hero could be ANYONE! Someone who has kept you smiling, helped with shopping, maintained your car, walked your dog, taught your children or simply been at the end of the phone. The [...]

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Adventure Guaranteed


The ABCs of Trailing: A is for ADVENTURE! Every trail is unique for each trailing team. Teams never know their trail (single blind). Trust your dog. Expect the unexpected and embrace the challenge!!

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