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Training and Event Participation:
  • You decide how often you want to participate in training or events.
  • We would recommend 3-5 training sessions and one event per month.
  • For the training time you should plan about 2-2.5 hours.
  • In this time frame, you and your dog usually trail twice. The length and difficulty will be decided by your PetTrailer Trainer.
  • The rest of the training time your dog should stay in the vehicle. Please pay attention to the respective temperature in the cold and heat and take care of the respective measures.
  • Please book all PetTrailer UK activities through our website, only then is this binding. You cannot take part in any PetTrailer UK activity without a prior booking.
  • You can then pay conveniently by BACS.
  • Once payment is received training locations will be emailed.
  • If you should not be able to come in spite of booking then please contact us by email or phone (also possible at short notice). You cannot cancel a booking via the website.
  • For cancellation fees please refer to the respective training or event information.
  • You can try exams with your dog but it is not a requirement for further participation in the trails.

Equipment for Trailing:

  • A well-fitted harness and long leash for your dog.
  • Water for your dog.
  • “Finders Reward” for your dog. A high value treat in the form of moist food (canned food, meat, pet pate etc.) Dry food is not suitable.
  • Suitable clothing and footwear for the handler/runner.

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