Pettrail Trainer Course UK

Pettrail- & Mantrailing Trainer Course

Due to the uncertainty around the current outbreak, we have to unfortunately postpone the start date for our 2020 course. Once a new date is confirmed we will let you know!

We are very excited to offer you the opportunity to participate in the ONLY Pettrail- & Mantrailing Trainer Course in the UK! A course previously only available in Europe. Working in partnership with the No.1 Animal Search Charity in Austria – PETTRAILER.

Our next course starts 24th May 2020: please contact us ASAP as places are limited. REGISTRATION CLOSES 31st MARCH 2020.

Our newly developed training concept is state-of-the-art. The training includes a well-thought-out and well-structured mix of theoretical and practical learning content.

Taught in meaningful blocks, theoretical learning and practical exercises which alternate with each other.

What can I expect from this course?

  • 20 FULL DAYS TUITION taught by certified Pettrail Trainers from Austria.
  • COMPREHENSIVE WORKSHOPS covering both theoretical and practical elements of trailing.
  • FREE lifetime training sessions for you and dog in our exclusive Train the Trainer (TTT) sessions.
  • A course structured to complement existing employment.
  • EARN AS YOU LEARN: Generate a 2nd income. Start training with your own customers after Workshop 3.
  • NO ADDITIONAL COURSES OR FEES required to teach to an advanced level. Once the course is completed you will have the skills to teach teams to the highest level to become Professional Pettrailers
  • Support network of experienced trainers from the UK and Austria, both during and after the course.
  • Practical experience of organising events as each trainee takes it in turns to host a workshop near them. Ensuring fairer travel for everyone during the course.
  • Access to our website, booking and advertising facilities if you choose to work in collaboration with PetTrailer UK once you have completed your course. Meaning no costly website or ticketing systems to design and set-up, allowing you to hit the ground running with your new clients!

The structure of the training:

The training period, from the first workshop to the completion of your training, is about one year. Trailing is a difficult skill to get to grips with and to be able to teach it to a high standard requires dedication, time and commitment.

The training is divided into nine basic workshops with different learning contents. These basic workshops will take place once a month; training days are always Saturday and Sunday with the exception of combined workshops 1-3 (Sunday-Friday). In addition to pure theory workshops (4 days), there are also practical workshops in which only one’s own dog is used (3 weekends), as well as mixed workshops, which consist of theoretical and practical elements (4 weekends).

In addition to the pure training workshops, our trainer education includes other important building blocks. In regular, exclusive trainer training, your experience is built with your own dog and therefore your personal experience in mantrailing and pettrailing. By supplementary observation alongside certified trainers at training sessions, events and assessments, the trainee receives organisational skills and learns a lot about the practice of the teaching.

Training Overview:

Workshop Description Start date End date
WS-1 Theory Basics 24.05.20 25.05.20
WS-2 Theory Basics 2 26.05.20 27.05.20
WS-3 Practical Module 28.05.20 29.05.20
WS-4 Theory + Practical 18.07.20 19.07.20
WS-5 Theory + Practical 19.09.20 20.09.20
WS-6 Practical Module 17.10.20 18.10.20
WS-7 Theory + Practical 21.11.20 22.11.20
WS-8 Theory + Practical 16.01.21 17.01.21
WS-9 Practical Module 20.02.21 21.02.21
Final Exam   22.05.21 23.05.21

* All training modules usually start at 10:00

The above mentioned workshops will take place in the Cardiff, Manchester and other locations decided by the course participants.


Questions and answers:

What does it cost to become a trainer?

You pay a one-time registration fee of £600.00 due by 31st March 2020, followed by 12x monthly tuition fees of £200 due over the duration of the course (May 2020 to April 2021). Total course cost is £3000. The multi-day final exam with certification is included. Flexible payment options are available, please contact us for more information. 

What additional costs are incurred during trainer course?

None!  There are no other hidden costs or paid additional workshops to become a trainer. Cost transparency is very important to us! ATTENTION: Your own travel expenses, accommodation, food and other associated costs outside of the course fees (parking etc.) must be paid in addition.

How often will you be working with your own dog?

In addition to the practical workshops in the context of trainer education, we offer post participation in our internal trainer training sessions. There are no additional costs for these sessions, they are also included in the training costs.

Is it possible to book the training workshops individually?

No. The workshops are coordinated both in terms of content and teaching and, in our opinion, make sense only in the context of a complete education.

When can I start with my own trail groups?

Unfortunately, this can not be answered in simply. The practical work with your own customers is an important element of the training. The trainee trainers are taught to the highest standard to prepare them to start their own groups well before the completion of the course. It is up to the individual to decide when they are ready to teach after the completion of Workshop 3.

Do I have any contractual obligations after the training?

Definitely not! With us, the training is decoupled from financial obligations, or re-certifications, as that are common in franchise systems. Later participation in our network, e.g. as a certified base, is optional.

If you are interested in working in collaboration with PetTrailer UK, once you qualify, this can be discussed on an individual basis. 

Are there different trainer training levels?

Not with us! We consciously decided not to teach basics in our trainer education, which can only be developed upon with additional courses. With the completion of the trainer education, a trainer taught by us is sufficiently trained and qualified to teach mantrailing and pettrailing, in the area of ​​leisure & employment with teams of different performance levels.

For further information contact Becky: