Did you know you can now train with us in Stoke=on-Trent? These guys do! Introducing 3 beautiful ladies 🐾 Bridget, 🐾 Holly & 🐾 Scout and our very own irresistible velvet hippo aka the handsome 🐾 Bugsy 😁

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Originally from the Northwest of England, Becky now lives in South Wales. Having had a successful career as a Geologist, Becky found herself at a crossroads between career or finally making her dreams come true. She decided it was time to make her dreams a reality and embarked on the most incredible journey of working with dogs full time. Witnessing first hand the benefits trailing has on both dog and owner, with no discrimination against breed, disability or age, the right decision had been made. Now Becky is a full time Pettrail trainer, travelling across the UK training future animal search dogs and assisting in lost animal searches.

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