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ALL dogs can trail!

Join PetTrailer UK in the ultimate game of hide & seek!

ALL WELCOME: big or small, young or old, fearful or aggressive, deaf, blind, 2 or 3 legged…it doesn’t matter

UK Wide Pet Search Team Training: comprehensive training provider of PETTRAILING (animal search) and MANTRAILING

Hi, I’m Becky and I’m the owner and head trainer at PetTrailer UK.

I was first introduced to pettrailing and mantrailing in Austria and fell in love with it immediately! I was amazed by the skill, enthusiasm and team work of everyone involved – especially the dogs. The sense of accomplishment when the handler-dog team find the missing runner (human or animal) is electric – whether you are the handler or a spectator the feeling is contagious! After my first trail I was addicted.

Since then I have qualified as the UK’s first Pettrail Trainer with Pettrailer in Austria, trail regularly with my trainee pettrailer dog Mabel and have set up PetTrailer UK to give others the opportunity to start pettrailing!

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